Monday, September 13, 2010

Papercraft Star Fabulous Bloggers and Other News!

(If you are here to pick up your blogger award... keep reading!!) :-)

So much stuff is going on over a Papercraft Star (have you been there yet?)

We are in the middle of a membership (followers) drive (with give-aways). We started a new program "Papercraft Star Friends" and we have a $25.00 gift certificate give-away going on Right Now (click here to learn more!)

To learn more about becoming a Friend of Papercraft Star and getting your blog listed on the left sidebar of the Papercraft Star blog, click right here.

In addition to that, the Executive Team (Kristina, Jan and Myself) as well as the whole Creative Team are out and about at papercrafting blogs (as we speak) giving out this Fabulous Blogger Star Award!

Just one part of the mission of Papercraft Star is to encourage crafters of all skill levels and so, we are out looking for blogs that maybe have something extra special going on... perhaps it is a fabulous project recently posted, or a wonderful story, or perhaps they are just starting up and need some encouragement! 

Today, I've found three such blogs that I would like to recognize with this post.  Here is how receiving this award works.  The Award winner comes here to copy and paste the award to their blog and they make a post with the award in it... then they answer these two questions,

My most favorite papercraft project I've ever made is....

I like to craft because...

Then, after answering the questions in their own blogpost (this is so we can all get to know a little something about each other), they choose three people to give the award to as well...and they will then do the same thing!

Okay... so to learn more about all the fun stuff going on at Papercraft Star...go here.

And now... the Fabulous Crafters/Bloggers that I am presenting this award to today are:

Grandma Penny (She has a Siamese cat that is PuRRRRRfect too!)

RLS Innovations

Stefeni of My Idea Box

Have a great day everyone!

2 Scrappy Comments:

Kristina H said...

whoot whoot!

petunia 648 said...

Thank you very much for being choosen, really think it was the cat that did it. Ha ha ha. I have made my post of my award on my blog but done quite understand how or if I am supposed to suggest 3 other bloggers. Please email me what I am to do at Thaks for the honor.

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