Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gut Health and Shopping Lists: A post not just for crafters!

Still working on updates to this blog. In the meantime, I have a quick share. Recently we've discovered a new and healthful way of eating that not only promotes a healthy diet but your "gut health" as well. It's all about the probiotics!

Not that long ago I happened to be flipping through the channels and landed upon the Dr. Phil Show just as he was introducing Dr. Travis Stork. You might have already heard of him! He is an emergency physician but he is perhaps best know for appearing on The Bachelor, and as the host of the syndicated daytime talk show The Doctors. He also wrote the book, The Doctor's Diet.

At any rate, I didn't know him for any of these things but the segment on Dr. Phil got me very interested in purchasing Dr. Travis' new book, The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life to learn more about the diet and the relationship between poor gut health and weight gain.

If one of your New Year's resolution includes creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself, then I recommend picking up a copy of his book like I did! Here's more about the book from Dr. Travis himself.

At any rate, once I get this blog really up and running again, I'll post from time to the time the progress I'm having with regard to following this new healthful approach to eating!

Just to give you an idea of the great food included I'm attaching my staple shopping list. Keep in mind that there are a number of other food choices available in his food plan, but I only shop for the stuff we actually like (and eat!).

Some of our favorite recipes from the book so far include, "Any Vegetable Soup" (It's pretty much exactly like Weight Watcher's 0 point soup and so yummy too!), Quick-Fix Spinach Lasagna (this one is in his other book too!), and all of his Veggie Chow-Chow recipes.

Again, this book includes a couple of fantastic healthy diet plans for weight loss and maintenance, but the diet focus is on the association between Microbiome Balance and Weight Gain. I know it sounds like the book might be a little heavy on the science of the body, but Dr. Travis does an excellent job of writing in plain language that is easy to understand! Yay! And the meal plans make maintaining this healthy lifestyle pretty darn easy from what we can tell so far - I'll keep you posted on that too!

Here's to a healthy 2017!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Craft Posts Coming Soon...

After a very long hiatus, I am planning a return to the paper craft/ blogging world. I have lots of new crafts to show you and a number of DYI projects lined up as well. See you soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Refinish an Old Knotty Pine Dining Table: The Story

Seventeen years ago, I purchased a big sturdy knotty pine dining room table with four chairs at a furniture store in my town that was going out of business. I think I paid 4 or 5 hundred bucks for the set and it has served my family well (although we are constantly pulling extra chairs up to it to seat all of us) over the years. As you can imagine however, it's seen a lot of miles, three daughters, and four grandchildren later, the soft pine wood top was more than a little worn and the once white chairs with pine seats had yellowed (I tried EVERYTHING to keep the white, white, but as the years passed the chairs were impossible to clean). Here's what the table looked like after all seventeen years worth of use:

and here is a close up of the top of the table in all of it's scratched up glory (and yes, that is a part of a birthday cake in the photo, I didn't think to take any staged photos before the refinishing began):

At any rate, once our kitchen/dining/living room remodels got underway, I decided that it was a great time to create an even BIGGER mess in the house by also refinishing this table and chairs (as well as a coffee table, two end tables, two side tables and a media center, but that's a whole lot of other stories!!).

I started the project by slathering on a TON of of paint/varnish remover like so:

and since I was working inside I used that orange citrus remover to prevent killing myself and my animals in the process of refinishing...

After I scraped off the old finish I got out an old palm sander that I had for probably the same number of years I owned this table and got to work... but frankly sanding sucks and so did that palm sander, so then I ran (ok, ok, I DROVE because it's FASTER and I am too outta shape to actually RUN) to my local Menards and bought this bad boy (one of my new favorite toys!!)

This little gem is a finishing/orbital/palm sander all rolled into one neat little package and I am IN LOVE...thus the refinishing of TONS of furniture ensued after the purchase of the Black and Decker Complete Sanding Kit (retails at about 60 bucks), you can read about it right here. I think this sander changed my life... no kidding!

At any rate, I sanded the table and the chairs like so (yes that is my kitchen remodel project in the background before it was completed)...

Then I mixed my own concoction of light walnut and mahogany stain (I wanted a darker finished to match the rest of the wood furniture in my house) to do the table and chair seats, hauled the chair frames outside and spray painted them white... and TA-DA!!!

I think this baby is ready for another decade at least, don't you?  In fact, I'm so proud of my "new" table and chairs that I am entering the following link parties:

Miss Mustard Seed
Liz Marie
The Shabby Creek Cottage
House of Hepworth's 
Redoux Interiors
The Shabby Nest
DIY Showoff
Funky Junk Interiors
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