Friday, April 16, 2010

JUSG Chic of the Week and a Cute Kitty Checkbook Cover Too

Happy Friday!  Despite the fact that I have been working on a layout now for going on 4 days and STILL haven't finished it, this has been a fabulous week.  As I mentioned in another post this week, my application for the Copic Marker Certification class was accepted.  Then, this layout of mine, "Sister" was selected at the JUGS (Just Us Girls) Challenge blog as "Chic of the Week #28"  Whoot Whoot!  They have such a fun variety of weekly challenges... I just love that blog!

Anyhow I was honored with this cool badge which is now (of course) proudly displayed on the sidebar of this blog! :-)

To add to the pleasure of this week, I also had the chance to talk on the phone with my new BBF (Best Blog Friend) the sweet Kristina from Kristina's World and kick off our week-long mini blog hop with two great giveaways.  Have you entered to win yet?  If not, go here and then after that, visit Kristina's blog and sign up to win her fantastic giveaway as well! 

To make the week even more special, I won this so cute, so darling... so me checkbook cover from Carole over at Paper Arts.  I just adore cats, have seven of my own, but the really wonderful thing about these particular cats is that I can just admire them when I write checks and they won't be adding to the litter boxes! Now that's my kinda kitty!  You really need to visit her blog to see all the cute projects she designs!

Okay... now, my two grandsons (aka THE DESTROYERS) have been deposited into my care for the day... so off I go to hug, kiss, read to, play with and defend my house from them!

4 Scrappy Comments:

Jessica Wekenman said...

Your layout is beautiful! I love the paper! Every detail works so perfectly together! Your kitty checkbook cover is just darling, too! Having 6 cats myself, I couldn't help but laugh at, and agree with, calling yourself their slave! lol.

joeygirl86 said...

Love the layout! great job! :)

Kristina H said...

Beth, you are a Super Star and totally deserve an award!!


Audrey Pettit said...

LOL, defend your house...........that just cracks me up. Hope you survived the attack! ;)
Sounds like all sorts of wonderful things have been going on for you this week! That's awesome. Hope your weekend is just as wonderful.

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