Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Stand Corrected Kristina!

Friday I had the opportuntiy to chat on the telephone (yes, the ACTUAL telephone... not text, not email, but the real phone...imagine that!) with my new (Best Blog Friend) BBF Kristina of Kristina's World.  We've only just been really getting to know each other over the past six or seven weeks and despite the fact that she is a decade younger than me, I've found we have a lot in common beyond just our interests in papercrafts and I've really come to enjoy our new-found friendship. In fact, I look forward to continuing this friendship (we've got some fun stuff brewing together to present to the papercrafting community) and  naturally I want to be on my best behavior during this "honeymoon" period of working together...(you know, before she gets to the know the REAL me and and changes her mind!) :-)

Anyhow...during our conversation we discussed videos posted on YouTube about papercrafting. (By the way Kristina has a YouTube Channel kmharmon3... check it out!). I'm not sure how it happened but at some point I said to her how I didn't particularly understand or even enjoy the videos that papercrafters like ourselves post regarding the purchases they made.  To which Kristina tells me that...she did a video exactly like that for her own YouTube Channel!  (Gulp) Nothing like putting your foot in your mouth with a new  LOL  Eeek. (I actually thought I had seen ALL of Kristina's videos, but must have somehow missed that particular video of hers).  

Now maybe Kristina hasn't thought about this particular moment in our conversation since then...(I hope not... ha-ha) but I certainly have!  And by admitting here that I made that comment I have probably just offended a half a million or so other papercrafters who have made videos showing us their recent purchases!  Double Eeeek! Boo Hiss on Beth.  (yes, I just talked about myself in first person).

Okay, so I don't do videos of any kind myself... although I do watch plenty of them... but I still have a desire to made amends and beg forgiveness of the entire crafting community (especially Kristina) regarding my comment... and to show my good intentions in the future... here's a photo of my recent purchases... (he-he)

I have to admit that one should never knock something before they actually TRY IT and that after finding and watching Kristina's video I have reconsidered my position on the "not getting" this type of video.  It is actually rather fun to see what other papercrafters are buying and the videos certainly can have merit with regard to keeping up with the trends in the scrapbooking supply world. I stand corrected! :-)

P.S.  Have you entered to win in our mini-blog hop, double giveaway yet here at Runs with Scraps and Kristina's World?  If not, go here right away, the giveway ends on the 21st!

2 Scrappy Comments:

Kristina H said...

OMG you crack me up!! did great by posting those pictures...but I want more...what color are those glimmer mists...and are those Websters Pages?? OOhhhh United we Stand, gotta have to tell me how you like that one. You already made me want Just Because enabler you! And yes, I did tell Rick (insert evil grin).

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

p.s. Love your new look!! ;)

~BridgetL~ said...

LOL that's funny, I'd probably do the same thing, actually I have done the same thing. Its fun seeing what others buy and either use or collect like I do. I hope you get to making a video soon. Would be fun to see you in action.

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