Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project 365 - If you can't go...send your camera along!

At the start of the Project 365 I gave you some ideas to help you take photographs every day.  However today, when my daughter, her son and his father went sledding, I knew that was a great photo opportunity, but because I was unable to attend I would miss taking photos of such a fun event as that... so I sent my camera instead of missing out!  My daughter took a number of photos of thier sledding adventure and then when they got back, I went through them and selected the photo for today to put in my Project 365 scrapbook.

I chose this particular photo because, this was not only one of the best photos, it was also a chance for me to journal in my album about the close relationship my grandson Jack and his father Cory share.  Cory is one of the best fathers I have had the pleasure of seeing in action. They all live with me because both parents are attending college and I provide daycare, so I see a lot of interaction between Cory and my oldest grandson Jack (who is 2 1/2).  Cory spends much of his free time playing with Jack...and I mean REALLY playing with him. They read, sing, listen to music, watch television, play guns, bears, cars, trucks and well... just about everything. While I think Cory might tell you that HE is the lucky one to have Jack... I believe that Jack is equally lucky to be blessed with such a loving father who isn't afraid to get right down on the floor (or snow) in this case and play with his son! Here they are together at Bertha Brock Park, a popular place to snow sled here in our small community.  Mommy (Caitlin) is taking the photo.

So, the next time that you know a fun activity is going on with your family, but for whatever reason, you can't go... don't forget to send your camera for some great Project 365 photos!

Create something new every day!


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Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a great idea Beth

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