Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project 365 Scrapbook - Supplies to Get You Started

I have the kind of personality that wants and needs clear instruction when given a task.  So naturally when I decided to start a Project 365 scrapbook, I combed the internet for information on what other people did before me regarding supplies and general layout of the album.  Like I mentioned in my first post, I found two kits (that will be available sometime mid-January to purchase) and a number of posts from other people who bought and used their own supplies and set up their own layouts.  I really admire people who can strike out on their own like that... in cases such as scrapbooking and card making, I have a tendency to be a follower of the "steps" of a project and make variations only in use of papers and embellishments, etc.

That said, I also am the kind of person who can't wait to get started on something when I have a task before me that I want to do.  So for me, having to wait until mid-January to buy a Project 365 kit was really bugging me.

Instead I read about what was used to put the album together and found the best prices I could to buy the things I felt I needed to get me started.  I don't have a Hobby Lobby or a Michaels nearby (the closest one is some 40 minutes away and in the winter, I just don't travel outside of our small community very often - the very reason why I love internet shopping!)  I found a great New Year's sale at Joann Fabric and Crafts and purchased the following items:

3 (10 packs) of We R Memory Keepers 12''x12'' 3-Ring Photo Sleeves - 10PK for $3.59each. I purchased three different variations of this product so I had the option for different photo layouts throughout the year.
1 We R Memory Keepers 12''x12'' Ring Photo Sleeves - 25PK for $7.19 I bought this to save some money by buying, bulk to ensure I had enough pages for the whole year on hand.
1 American Crafts 4''x6'' Cardstock Packs - 60P for $3.74. I plan to use these for some journaling in case I just want to throw it into the album with a photo quick like.
1 Leisure Arts Thinkable Date Stamp  for $2.79. I bought this for when I just want to quickly stamp a journal note or photo with the date.
1 Making Memories Spiral Journaling Book - for  $4.99 (not on sale).  I bought this to use for journaling.
1 We R Memory Keepers 12''x12'' Faux Leather 3-Ring Binder - for $17.99. I bought this to put all the photo pages in (of course.).

With shipping and tax it all came to about $58.00.  I'll use other papers and embellishments that I already have on hand as well, but I think that for an album that I am putting together for an entire year, not a bad price all in all. Granted, it's not one of those fancy kits, but I do believe it will work out just right for me! Once I get all the supplies shipped to me, I'll be able to determine the layout of the album... but until then, I am taking photos and putting them up on this blog with my journal note... so that I have it all ready to put in the album when it arrives.

That said, this morning Cosmo, one of my seven cats got a hold of a plastic Meijer bag and fell in love with it (the furry guy just loves plastic bags in general, I have no idea why and well, I just don't get it!)... I took several photos of him loving up his plastic bag, but when Rahja (aka Roger) saw the action, he decided to get into the photo as well and take front row too.  Here they are together, Cosmo is laying on the bag... probably to keep any one of the six other cats from stealing it from him... as if they would.  They don't get the whole love of plastic bag thing either.

Now I'm off to participate in a couple of this week's card making challenges I've found. I'll post those creations here later.

Create something new every day and don't forget to take your camera with you!


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Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I just wanted to let you know that sometimes sketches help me a lot with inspiration, as well as looking at other folks already completed projects. Have you visited Their galleries (layout and cards) have literally thousands of projects by other people, and they inspire me a lot!

Also, I read in your profile that your grandchildren call you Nanie, and that's what my nephews call my mother. It started many years ago when she was keeping a small child in her home, and the child couldn't say Janie, and it became Nanie, and stuck! Of course it's nronounced with the hard 'a' as in rain or chain.

Thanks for visiting, I look forward to seeing what you do this year! Blessings, Becky

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