Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365 - Day Four and Still Snapping Photos...

Okay, so this morning my youngest daughter was the only one up with me.  Besides the dogs... So, I asked her to strike a pose and snapped this photo of her before school.

Actually I've been taking a lot of photos of Cydney for the past 5 months, capturing as many of her final high school memories as I can... it's her senior year after all and well, I am scrapping away on an album for her Open House after graduation!  This one I'll call something really clever like, "Back to school after Christmas break" (hey, it's hard to be creative ALL the time!)... and that is my point, some days you won't be very inspired when it comes to what photo to take...or what to journal.  But take a  photograph anyway.... one day, when you are putting the final touches on your Project 365 and you look back over your scrapbook, every single photo will be significant, even if it only means that you captured a memory each and every day for a full year!

The one thing that I realize as each day goes by into this project is that I am snapping lots more photos than I typically do and all day long as well, not just for the Project 365 scrapbook either.  That in itself is a good thing as I realize that there are so very many things that happen that I should be photographing.  Like the big fort that took over my livingroom yesterday that Caitlin and Cory built for both my grandsons to play in. There are so many moments that make for wonderful memories... if I could only have a photograph of all of them....and by golly, I'm working on it!

That said, I'm really feeling frustrated with my camera situation... my really nice SLR is down and out right now... and my little point and shoot Fuji has started taking less than great photographs. I haven't posted any other projects I've been working on because of this situation... which brings me to my next post... I'm researching how to improve the photographs you take of your projects... like cards and scrapbook layouts... stay tuned and in the meantime, keep creating something new every day!


4 Scrappy Comments:

Brenda said...

thanks for posting all the tips this is a first for me on the 365 project.

~BridgetL~ said...

What a great mom to take a lot of pics of her senior yr. I didn't get many with my oldest. He wasn't really into the whole HS thing, he's now wishing he could go back and redo it. lol living room fort would have been a really cute picture.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I did a scrapbook of Alex's high school years.. it took 2 full albums (CM albums - you are only suppose to put like 40 pages in each one, I had like 50 plus... You have so many good idea. I can't wait to see more of your 365 project

junkermidge said...

What a neat blog you have, I'm glad I came across it. I LOVE the Project 365 idea and wish you well on making it all the way so I'm going to follow along (I need to work on my photo habits too).

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