Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365 - Day Five, Day After Photographs

This photograph was taken early this morning... the DAY AFTER both my grandsons spent the entire day playing (mostly in my livingroom!)... I know that I should probably also have a photo of how tidy the livingroom is BEFORE the boys play in it... but this is not Project 366... SO, all you get is the photograph of the aftermath.  Mind you, I left the mess all night long as we all slept sound in our beds, in order to snap this photograph just this morning! (Okay, I did put the playdoh away in containers last night...but that is it!)

The first photo I took did not have my oldest grandson in it (like this one does) as he was sleeping... but when he woke up, I do believe he was just a bit surprised to find that the livingroom remained exactly as he and Seth (my youngest grandson) left it the night before. (We usually make them clean up... or least try to get them to assist in the clean up). So I decided to retake the photo with him in it (notice the pajamas - he is also wearing his camo rain boots...but that's another photo and journaling day).  The really scary thing about this photo...which I will be sure to mention when I journal in the scrapbook about it is... the state of my livingroom actually looks BETTER in pictures than it looks in real life! What a mess!

So, what's my point with this photograph you ask? (Other than the fact that I want my grandsons to have proof that this is what they do to Nanie's house)... If you've already taken your photograph for the day ... like I did of my daughter Cydney, then leave things as they are and take a Day After photograph.  I'm a purist like that... as I was not willing to take the photograph yesterday for today.... if you know what I mean!

Today I'm back at working on card challenges and trying to get a photograph that gives even one of my cards the justice it deserves... which reminds me that I still need to write that article on how to improve photographs of your card and scrapbook layouts for your blogs!

Create something new every day!

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~BridgetL~ said...

I know there are a lot of people who have to have things spotless, but Im one who likes to look at pics like this and see that the kids had a great time playing :)

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