Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I don't have photographs of my darling grandsons in costume yet (Trick or Treating is scheduled for this evening), but I do have some photographs of the boys and their Jack o' Lanterns.  With the help of their mothers, the boys carved pumpkins last night. 

Seth (in the orange doggy shirt, my youngest grandson) wasn't too thrilled with "pumpkin guts" so his cousin Jack (my oldest grandson) was happy to lend a helping hand with the scooping process.

I really have no idea what the boys were doing when I snapped this photograph but here they are with Jack's Batman and Seth's Vampire creations.

When they finished the pumpkin carving session, I wanted to get photographs of the boys with their mothers, but the boys were far too excited to stand still for any modeling session, even if it was with their Jack o' Lanterns. 

Hope you all enjoy your Halloween and here's wishing you lots more treats...than tricks! :-)

5 Scrappy Comments:

Catherine Schroeder said...

Awww... looks like yall have a great time! Love those family moments that you can capture, and then scrap! :d

CelticWoman said...

great pics, looks like a lot of Halloween fun in your world. Happy H Day. Sandi

Emora Designs said...

Too Cute! Looks like a fun night! Happy Halloween!


Kristina said...

Cute photos! Tell Erin her hair looks amazing!! I want to visit her hairdresser when I get back out there! Miss you guys tons!

Audrey Pettit said...

What sweet photos of the boys and their pumpkins! That is such a cute age.

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