Monday, March 22, 2010

Speak Up Layout and No Cricut Cart Left Behind!

First I want to start by apologizing for the poor lighting used to take the photograph of this layout... it's late at night and I was forced to use my flash... yuck.  Never the less, this weekend our scrapbooking class was challenged to create a number of projects... this particular one required us to use, cardstock, patterned paper, ribbon and metal all on one layout.  I very often do use this combination of products to complete a project so I felt comfortable incorporating all of those elements in one layout. I also completed another layout that was less girly-girl mainly due to the fact that it is a photograph of two of my daughters and their father with a doe my daughter shot during gun season here in Michigan.  Due to the fact that this layout may be offense to some, I won't post it... but I mention it because I used a number of Cricut carts to complete that layout and in doing both these projects now have only THREE carts left to complete my April 15th deadline in the No Cricut Cart Left Behind!
Okay...enough with the chit-chat... here is the layout minus the journaling that I still have left to do on it, perhaps once I complete that I will update the picture with one under better lighting conditions.

1 Scrappy Comments:

Kristina H said...

Oh beth, love the flowers on the tree! Really cute idea. We have lots of hunting pics too and sometimes I find it hard to make layouts for them. Not the most attractive, but I love the smile on my husbands face in I do it :)

Thanks for sharing!

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