Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inspiration from the Net

 I sometimes have those days...and maybe you do too, where you really need to put together a card, a present or a quick gift bag and you just can't seem to find a creative bone in your body... for me, yesterday was one of those days!  And the truth is, just because you can't think of an original thing to make... doesn't mean you don't need to still come up with something.  That's why the internet is so great...and so are the designers that post their beautiful ideas and projects for us to see... and CASE.

Right here you can learn from Kerry's blog how to make the Post-It Note Holder from a clear 4 x 6 (or larger if you choose) acrylic frame. And the inspiration for the card I made you can find right here on Melissa Sauls' blog "In Stamping Mode."  I just love her designs and signed up to get her blog updates because I admire her work so much!

As for the gift inspiration there, just a REAL quick put together, I photographed it only to show that for the tags, the big "S" and the gift tag itself I used two more Cricut carts in my "No Cricut Cart Left Behind" self-challenge.

Today I'm off to work on more layouts for my scrapbooking class, hope you have time to create today as well!

1 Scrappy Comments:

joeygirl86 said...

Wow that's a crazy challenge you have there lol...I think I might try it..but it might take a lil longer..but great idea cuz I feel like some of my carts are getting lonely lol..tfs! :P

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