Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 Days 22, 23 and 24! Finally!

Whew! It's been a hectic few days. Haven't had time to get these photos posted before now...

I took the first photo of my youngest daughter Cydney on January 22.  Nothing short of a mircle is shown her bed is actually made.
The second photo from January 23, is of my daughter Caitlin, along with her sisters and a few of her girlfriends.  From left to right we have sister Erin, friends Stephanie and Shelley, Caitlin the birthday girl, friend Sam and youngest sister Cydney. Caitlin turned 20 on this day and this just before they all went out to celebrate at some club in Grand Rapids that lets minors in (GASP!!)... Cyd is only 17, however she had to stay behind.

The last photo is of Jack... just because he looked so darn cute rocking in the chair! I also feel I must mention that the orange rocking chair happens to be a purchase I made from (GULP)... Goodwill.  I think I paid like 10 bucks for it... it doesn't really match my white (and mostly red accents) living room decor...BUT it is a most comfortable chair...and the last one I had, my cats destroyed... (despite the fact that they have a $300 scratching/climbing thing-a-gig)... so anyhow...because the chair was so darn cheap... if my cats take their claws out at this little prize... I can simply laugh in the face of danger!  Claw away I say...but in the meantime... I'm sitting in it...because like I said... it's comfortable....and orange... I'm kinda starting to like the orange :-).

Now, I'm caught up and I am off to color butterflies with my new Copics that I got in the mail yesterday! I think I'll color some of them orange!!!!!


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