Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Twenty-Six - It's Chili Time

Since it's been so chilly here lately (like for the last three months...arrgghh)... it was time for the family to get together over at Jerry's (my former husband and father of my children) for some of his homemade chili (minus beans for me...and the rest of our kids who despise the little devils)...  Joining us to suck down the hearty chili along with Jerry's "special recipe" cornbread were Erin, Matt, Seth, Cait, Cory, and Jack...Cydney was MIA (in order to attend a basketball game).  The chili and the company of each other did a nice job of warming us all on a dark and cold winter night in Michigan!  I love family dinners together...and hey, I didn't have to cook either... what's better than that??!!

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