Saturday, July 30, 2011

Master Bed and Bath Remodel: Hardwood Floors Installation

It's official... the installation of the hardwood floors in our Master Bath and Walk-in closet (that is connected to the bathroom) has begun.  The closet is also connected to a small space where our water heater is located (you can see it behind the guys in the above photo), an accordion-style door will separate that unsightly mess from the closet after the floor is installed).

We've already had a couple of set-backs (par for the course really) which we decided to simply cry laugh-off...  Thankfully we started the install in our closet (a great place to practice) and now that we've figured out what we are doing, we have high hopes that the bathroom will be loads easier to cope with :-).

Unfortunately I have to leave for the day (which means the guys will be unsupervised most of the day...eeekkk), but perhaps by the time I return I'll have an entire floor installed in the space...we shall see!

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