Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Sewing Machine Action for Batman

Jack (the older of my two (almost) 4 year old grandsons) outgrew his "nursery" some time ago so in the last several months we've thought a lot about what we wanted to do to change things up for him a bit...for a "Big Boy" room.  When asked he if would like a specific theme...his answer was an adamant "Batman" (no surprise there really as the boy is CRAZY for Batman... in fact both my grandsons are).  At any rate, the "baby" wall border and decor came down, I re-painted the room (you know, when I was painting the whole upstairs a few weeks back)...and even long before then, I started checking out Batman bedroom ensembles (the prices are CRAZY for that kind of stuff I might add!)... so I opted to buy a comforter set (for less than 80 bucks as opposed to over $400.00) that featured the colors associated with Batman instead (Navy Blue, Grey, Yellow), then I hopped online and found some Batman material to sew a valance for the Navy Blue curtains I purchased to match the comforter set.

I actually started to do a photo tutorial of the process of sewing the valance, but I stopped several times to throw in some laundry, feed the boys lunch and let the dogs out (and in and out and in and out) and ended up getting so distracted... I tossed out the whole idea of the tutorial.  Let's just say that this valance was EASY to sew.

And this was the end result.  Also added to the "decor" are a whole lotta Batman wall decals (which is much easier to put up...and take back down than wall paper borders)... the decals were a gift from his Aunt Laura (his daddy's sister) and Jack and his mother (my daughter Cait) had great fun placing them around the room too!

I had to chuckle when I walked in the room after they were done with the decals to see Batman "swinging" from the clock!

and in other random places...

The new "Big Boy" room is a hit as far as Jack (Jack is on the left in Blue, Seth my younger grandson is on the bed...and that is Marley on the rug) is concerned...and as far as "Nanie" (that would be me) is concerned, it's a hit too because we can easily change it out when he either grows tired of Batman (gasp!!) or he and his mother finally buy their own place (we're working on that project too and actually waiting to hear back on an offer as well!) :-)

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