Sunday, March 27, 2011

O My Crafts and Kristina

Sometimes you wake up to something that just gets your day started off on the right foot.  The other day, a friend and fellow crafter (thank you Regan) sent me a copy of an email she received from O My Crafts.  The email was O My Crafts' recent promotional e-newsletter which just so happened to feature one of my favorite cards I made for the Imaginisce Berryilicious Release Party. They used the card to promote one of my favorite Imaginisce tools too... the I-Rock.

You can see the entire e-newsletter at this link right here.

On another note, my sweet Kristina flew back home yesterday afternoon and is back with her family safe and sound.  We all (especially me!) loved having her here in Michigan with us (and the 10 days just FLEW by!)... we miss her already (sniff...sniff)! I gotta tell you too....that girl can COOK! We ate like royalty while she was here (the nights she cooked anyway!!) and I just have to say she makes the BEST meatballs and homemade spaghetti sauce EVAH!! :-)

3 Scrappy Comments:

Emora Designs said...

Congratulations again Beth and your welcome!! :) I am glad that you and Kristina had a great time together!! Did you get any crafting done? LOL :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, congrats, Beth! What a fun surprise for you!
And I cannot believe your 10 days with Kristina are over already! My gosh, that flew by for me, too, and I wasn't even with you guys. :)

Kristina said...

I had a fabulous I have to get back into a routine and start my diet and exercise program..I think I gained 20 lbs at your house!!

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