Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sparkling Wine Bottle Wrap - Mini Tutorial

For the First Annual Papercraft Star Thanksgiving Blog Hop, I featured this Hostess Gift project that I created.  Some crafters have asked me how I created the bottle wrap with my Cricut. It was so easy with instructions I found in the November 2009 issue of CardMaker magazine.

I have re-typed those instructions from the magazine right here for you, just in case you don't happen to have that back issue you can refer to.  The design is by Kimber McGray. Thank you Kimber!

Bottle Wrap on the Cricut

Using Plantin SchoolBook cartridge, cut scalloped bottle wrap. To cut bottle wrap, load a 5 x12 inch piece of patterned paper into cutter. Select 4-inch dial on right side. Push "End Caps Shadow" button, followed by "Scallop image" button. Press "Cut." Note: Do not unload paper yet.

With the "End Caps Shadow" button still selected, Push "Space" button eight times. Push "Shift" button. Push "tag image" button. Note: The screen should say tag right. Press "Cut." Unload paper.

Place adhesive on straight end of bottle wrap to cover bottle. Adhere pearls.

More Information:

Again thanks to CardMaker Magazine and Kimber McGray for those directions (please note I did change a few words here and there).  Alternately, if you don't happen to own a Cricut or that cartridge, you could very easily just cut a scallop edge and glue it to the end of a piece of 5 x 12" paper. I have to say however that the advantage to using your Cricut for this cut is that the scallop ends up matching perfectly with the width of the paper (no partial scallops).

This bottle also had a band around the neck that didn't go well with the paper or theme, so I opted to cover that in strips of Summer Sunrise Ribbon from Papertrey Ink. (I hot glued each strip and lined them up neatly in back so it looked nice... sorry no photo).  I created the hang tag using Papertrey Ink's Limitless Labels die cuts and the stamp is from their 2009 Fall Tag collection. Paper is October Afternoon's Thrift Shop Collection. I also created a matching card and envelope for this project.

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