Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our new family member... Remi De'Vil

Oh sure... she looks sweet lying there on the floor, just a bit immobilized by the collar she is forced to wear right now... but don't let that face fool you!

... this newest "little" member of our family is actually busy earning that last name I just recently bestowed upon her... "De'Vil" (devil).  Remi (short for Remington, as in the Remington Shotgun) is a recent addition to our household.  Not that we needed yet another dog mind you (Remi makes FIVE...yes, FIVE.).  But I mean, look at that face... could you resist? .... and once you have four, really now, what is just one more... right?  Except that this "one more" will end up topping the scales at well over 85 pounds! She's just 10 or so weeks old and already out-weighs two of our dogs...and is taller too, she's a Great Pyrenees, double-dew-claws and all.

My middle daughter Caitlin, almost ran her over with her car when the pup came bounding out of a ditch at dusk, on one of the back roads in our rural community. She was dirty, hungry, covered in injuries and very happy to run across someone who cared enough to stop and help her.  Since her arrival, she has been to the vet for her injuries (and is in the collar so she doesn't keep chewing on her tail as she is experiencing a skin problem), and to the doggie beauty salon for a much needed "make-over"... (she was the dirtiest puppy I've ever laid eyes on!).  But like I said, don't let that sweet face fool you, she's been with us for almost a week now and she's getting mighty comfortable around here, running, playing, chewing and just generally being an annoying puppy to the older dogs who are very busy attempting to teach her the pecking order around here to little avail. 

Despite the fact that she is hell-bent on annoying our older canines, she is madly in love with my grandsons (a must if you are going to live in residence here) and simply adores the cats (who aren't quite sure if they plan to return the affections or not). 

So... Remi DeVil has joined our family, for better or worse (we think for the better)... and is making her way among the many... we welcome her indeed as it was a match we believe...that was meant to be... DeVil or not. :-)

5 Scrappy Comments:

Denise said...

How wonderful of you to take her in :)) She's just as sweet as can be.

tishy34 said...

how wonderful of you - we rescued a dog also he is half golden retreiver and half great pyrense. he weighs in at 135 - doesn't matter what diet, what exercise - that is his weight. he is a great dog. he has no idea what size he is either. we have a maltese and a cat and he thinks he is the same size as them. he is def a gentle giant. his name is oscar (that was his name when we got him, we wanted to change it to cliffard, but he just couldn't get it). enjoy your new puppy.

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Awww look at that sweet face. Adorable. My daughter and I really want a golden retriever. Waiting until summer so I can have time to house train:)

Catherine Schroeder said...

I wouldnt be able to resist that face! So darn cute! :D

Audrey Pettit said...

LOL! What a face! How can you resist? And what an adorable name you came up with. My neighbors have a Great Pyrenees, and I had never seen a dog that big before. I have pet sat her many a times and she is the biggest devil/sweetie pie I've ever known. ;)

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