Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scraproom Tour (Photo Heavy)

Since I completed my Design Team scrapbook layout for Better Living Through Scrapbooking about my scrap space and the tools I love the most, I wanted to also share the photographs that I took for the layout. 

Now mind you, my scrap space still isn't finished.  There is nothing more than white paint on the walls and we still do not have a drop ceiling (the room is in our basement which is finished except for the ceiling thus far.) 

There are a few things I really love about this space... I can see my grandsons playing while I work if I happen to be scrapping while they are in my care and the room looks out (and walks out) to my patio area that is also fenced for the dogs (so I can let the rotten little critters in and out and in and out to their hearts content while I am working... Oh, yes it isn't far from the laundry room so I can keep laundry going while I work... and there is a bathroom just beyond that... so I don't have to run upstairs anymore (bless my man's heart for putting in a full bathroom downstairs!). When you get to be my age (and have given birth to three big fat babies, being in close proximity to a pee-pee room is a real plus! :-) Especially given the amount of Diet Pepsi I consume while I am scrapping!

So here are the photos in sequence for the most part. 

The next few photographs are close-ups of storage on the white shelves and in the plastic storage containers with drawers. In the 12 x 12 drawers I mostly store patterned paper by manufacturer (each drawer is labeled with what is inside) some of the drawers I also use to store odds and ends, like ATG refills, paints, alpha, chipboard and the like).  I store all my scraps right with the larger papers they came from.  The 8 1/2 by 11 drawers I use for that size cardstock. I use PTI pretty much exclusively. I also use American Crafts solid color cardstock almost exclusively. On the bottom shelves (not pictured) are storage tubs that I keep my airbrush system, items for altering, Bind-It-All supplies, fabrics and other odds and ends that I don't use regularly but still want to have close by.  On the shelves I also store albums I am working on alongside my scrapping, cardmaking and crafting magazines for easy reference.

And for printing my photographs I use this space directly across from my scrap space. Our family room is to the left on the other side of the half wall.

And last but certainly NOT least, a tour of my scrap space would not be complete if I did not include a photograph of my Scrapcat Ziggy (just like in my layout, he is pictured here sitting in the drawer that I keep my Studio Calico Kits).  He is my constant companion while I am scrapping...some days that works out better than others. :-) Although I do have six other cats Ziggy is by far my biggest "helper"...cough, cough). :-)

3 Scrappy Comments:

Liz said...

I LOVE LOVE your scrappy space and am soooo jealous you have so much room!! It's so much easier to scrap in an open space And love your little helper, too!! Gorgeous!

Giselle said...

oh wow that's huge!!!! I have a room that I share with my hubby only for crafts and I still need more space lol it's addicting!!!
Please visit my blog I have a blog award for you =D
Have a great week.

**Treefrog** said...

Oh I am soooo Envious of all that room. LOL We are still in the process of reno's and soon I will have my own space. It just isn't going fast enough for me, LOL. It won't be as big as your space but anything's better then the kitchen table that I have to use right now! Love your scrappin cat, he's a Cutie!

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