Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekly Calls for Publication...

I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend thus far... I just wanted to stop in today to give you a little bit of information... as I mentioned in a previous post (July 8 to be exact), I was honored to join the Creative Team for Gone Scrapbooking. As a member of that team all the Designers are published weekly in the Examiner Scrapbooking column.  The daily articles are written and published digitally by Irene Swain.

My first layout for the Creative Team is scheduled for publication in the Examiner sometime over the next several days or so.  Once it is published there, I'll include it in a post here on my blog as well.  But what the hay... here's a little sneak peek (mainly because it is odd for me to create a blog post without a photograph! :-)

Now, if you are interested in an opportunity for your work to be published on this national scrapbooking site, there is a weekly publication call posted every Monday (on the Gone Scrapbooking website). The call is open to both digital and traditional scrapbook layouts. The winning layouts (chosen by Irene and members of the Creative Team) are published on Saturdays (digital) and Sundays (paper).

You won't want to miss the daily column at the Examiner either that is filled with information and inspiration written and created just for you by Irene and all of the members of the Gone Scrapbooking Creative Team (including myself). The names and blog links of the other eight members are below. I've had the honor of joining a very talented group of Designers and I know you'll be inspired by reading their blogs and seeing their work as well!

Jackie Anderson
Karen Garbicek
Ashley Hamm
Tanisha Long
Amanda Sevall
Kathleen Summers
Keandra Perkins-Willis
Pat Yahner

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget your sunscreen!

3 Scrappy Comments:

**Treefrog** said...

Well Beth I see congrats are in order so, Congrats, way to go! I have been so behind this week on comments, been doing home reno's and can't keep up, but no excuses, sorry, and here I am now. LOL I'm going to put all my comments on this post, hope that's ok, Hee Hee! I just LOVED your Owl this week! Love the colors you used, very Retro! LOL And the poppies on the embossed card, lovely, I love Red! And your color challenge, lovely. Again love the colors, some of my favs! Hopefully I can get back on track this week, I'm really going to try, I don't know how you gals do all these posts, I need some time management classes. LOL!
Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa

Kristina H said...

I just want to see the WHOLE picture!!


Amanda Sevall said...

Thanks for the blog linkup!! I'm loving seeing your work!! :)

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