Saturday, June 12, 2010

I missed you Kristina and other News

For those of you who read my posts now and again, you know that I have a very special Best Blog Friend (BBF) Kristina from Kristina's World.  Over the past five months or so we've developed a relationship that went from mutual blog-stalking to text and phone messages and then finally, a brainstorm and subsequent development of a brand new challenge blog Papercraft Star! At least for the moment, I do believe that we may be the only blog of it's kind right now (read on, you'll find out why)! 

Anywhooooo....during the past week or so (well, until this past Wednesday anyhow) Kristina-dear was on VACATION and consequently (through no fault of her own) she left me to run a-muck while she was away (sniff, sniff, I missed her too!)... BUT she also had this photograph taken of herself in honor of me... (if you've seen my profile pic... or read my bio, you will understand why right away)...

Now if that kid isn't just the cutest little thing I don't know what is!!.... oh and that little goat she is holding is pretty darn cute too!  :-)

Okay...okay... enough silliness, I'm actually writing this post for two reasons... one, to post the darling picture of Kristina in case you missed it on her blog....and two, to tell you that the brainchild of Kristina and I... Papercraft Star goes live June 23, 2010... but you can hop on over there during the next week as we introduce each member of our Design Team and right now, you can go there to see a whole bushel full of up-coming challenges listed on the sidebar! We've done this so that you always know what is coming up and have your project ready when it's time to post for that particular challenge!  Then... even cooler (if anything could actually be cooler than knowing what challenges are coming up at a challenge blog weeks and weeks in advance) after participants submit their projects... the entire public gets to VOTE on their favorites!  Yee Haw! This my friends, is what makes us so unique (for the moment anyhow!) :-)

While I'm posting this I also want to personally thank Kristina for being such a good friend, for putting up with my controlling nature and scratterbrained thought processes and just generally being a total joy to work with (unlike myself!!!)... Oh and in more exciting news.... Kristina will leave her humble abode next month to join me on the Crazy Farm (my home) right here in Arm Pit of American (grin)... and I'm thinking in honor of this... she and I will have to cook up something EXTRA special to celebrate our first-ever face-to-face get together (please do keep her in your thoughts and prayers... as she is staying here at my home for the whole week... )... you know... HERE, with my kids, grandkids, dogs, cats, goats and raccoon rehab-thingie going on... whew!!!  Is she a brave girl or what!  :-)

Now what are you waiting for?  Go visit us at Papercraft Star! and get ready to join us in a challenge or two..or three...or four...

you get the picture, right?

2 Scrappy Comments:

~BridgetL~ said...

how exciting. I can't wait until you start the challenges. I don't know if I will play along, but I look forward to seeing what everyone will be making. Good luck and have FUN with your new blog :)

Kristina H said...

You kill me!!

Love ya!!

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