Sunday, May 2, 2010

Have Your Cricut Cake and eat it too!

Today is the day!  Off to demonstrate the Cricut Cake at the Lansing Michael's store on Frandor!  Demonstrations are taking place around the country today from 1:00 p.m., to 5:00 p.m, so make sure you take a trip to your local Michael's to get a gander at the Cricut Cake in ACTION!

Last night I rolled out my own Fondant and cut designs from all four of the Cricut Cake cartridges (wow are they FABULOUS!)... while I did the project I photographed each step as I went along so that I could share them with you today.... then, I uploaded all the photos from my camera (including a number of Design Team projects I completed yesterday) and then deleted them from my camera..... only to discover that... I didn't actually move the pictures from my camera.... ARRGGggghhhhh!  So... I have no photographs (unless you want to see a half-eatten cake that my family gobbled down)...  Anyhow..... the Cricut Cake is great fun and cuts some beautiful designs that make your cake look professionally done...and you'll just have to trust me on that... or get out to Michael's today and see for yourself!

3 Scrappy Comments:

~BridgetL~ said...

OH no, I have done that a few times. That stinks. Have fun today at your first demo.

Just wanted to tell you that I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday. I can't believe how much stuff is in there. Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth! sorry to hear you lost all your pics. Hope the demo went well. I am tired from all the off to bed I go.


Audrey Pettit said...

Oooh, bummer! You'll just have to do it all over again and get some more photos. ;)
Hope your demo went well!

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