Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday You Heartbreaker!

No one can tell me that this little guy doesn't have some serious game... talk about a chick magnet, this gorgeous guy's got it... and to think he's only (almost) THREE!  The little heartbreaker actually turns the big 3  tomorrow (May 7) and well, I just couldn't be any prouder of him!

When we asked Jack what he wanted for his birthday... he replied quite seriously, "A Park" , so Nanie (that's me) and Poppa went out and bought just that (it's actually one of those large wooden playsets..but when you are three, I imagine it seems far grander than even that)... Poppa and Grandpa have been working on it a little bit every day for the last couple of days and when you ask Jack what they are building... he'll happily tell you that it is indeed... "A Park."

I can only imagine that in this photo we caught him chatting up some cute little four-year old girl!  Happy Birthday to our sweet boy... Jack-Attack. 

BTW:  These photos are actually almost a year old, but I couldn't resist putting them up on the blog because they are just so darn cute (and I'm sure you'll see them in a scrap layout soon enough)... however, do feel free to ignore the pink nail polish on his index finger... The fact is, he's actually quite secure in his masculinity and not afraid to be in touch with his feminine side! :-) obviously! :-)

5 Scrappy Comments:

CraftyGirl said...

Awwwww what a cutie!! Happy Birthday Jack!!
Barb :)

Kristina H said...

Oh my gosh too cute! How fun that he will have his own park soon!!

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jessica Wekenman said...

OMGosh! That face is irresistable! I think that is the perfect and cutest age! I hope you'll share pictures of him playing in his very own park! Lucky little man!

Denise said...

He's going to be a heartbreaker all right. Way to go Nannie and Poppa with the awesome present! I bet mom and dad were pretty excited too!

paperscissors said...

scrapbook material for sure! a park! love it! happy belated b day wishes to jack!

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