Monday, March 1, 2010

A Beautiful Blogger Award for Runs With Scraps!

What a wonderful way to wake up on a Monday morning!  The always charming Kim over at the funky and eclectic Olive Juice Studio awarded this blog with "A Beautiful Blogger" award.  I can't begin to tell you how honored and delighted I am that one of the blogs she chose to honor with this award was Runs With Scraps!  Not only is this the first ever blog award Runs with Scraps has ever received... the fact that it was awarded by a fellow Blogger who provides such inspiration for me personally, makes the award doubly wonderful and delicious! I think of myself as having an eclectic style when it comes to paper crafts (now that I think of it I also have eclectic taste when it comes to music, books and men too... lol)... anyhow, I digress... the point was that I am therefore naturally drawn to blogs like Olive Juice Studio because of it and as an example of the funky and fun inspiration and tutorials you can find at Olive Juice Studio... check out this tutorial here to learn how to create an Easter Basket out of a recycled Butter box... too darling! Again, a very special thank you to Kim for honoring Runs with Scraps this Beautiful Blogger Award!

In receiving this award, I have to share seven things about myself.  But first, I have to go change my grandson's diaper...  okay, about me...

1.  First and foremost to everything else about me, I am a mother to three unique and beautiful young women.  I know that it sounds corny and so many mothers say it... but the fact is true that they are indeed three of the best things I have done in my entire life.  I am also a "Nanie" ... (pronounced Nah-Nee) to two terrific grandsons and I spend my days caring for them while their mothers attend work and college. I feel that I was born to be a grandmother and I am so blessed to be in a situation that I can provide daycare for them.  It has certainly allowed me to develop a close relationship with them that I would not otherwise enjoy if I were busy working outside the home. My newest goal however, is to be on a Design Team.

2.  I'm a retired Training Lieutenant and worked for the Department of Corrections for almost two decades... I loved every single moment of my job as a Training Lieutenant and new recruit Platoon Leader... I loved teaching and having the opportunity to be such a big part of training Corrections Officers and helping them enter into their new careers.  While that phase of my life is over now, I carry many special memories with me each day and I will cherish the friendships I made forever. My newest goal however, is to be on a Design Team.

3.  Some people would call me a "Cougar"... I just call myself a middle-aged woman who just happens to be in a relationship with a man who is ridiculously younger than me (14 years to be exact). John has been my partner for the past three years and he has to be one of the most laid back and flexible men I have ever met in my life... and let me tell you, to live here, among all the animals, teens, and toddlers you just got to be flexible! My newest goal however, is to be on a Design Team.

4.  That said, I naturally must now mention that I share my household with not only John, but my two youngest daughters, one of my grandsons, seven felines, four canines, one fish (who is currently recovering from a feline attack)  and two of the most loving goats anyone would ever want to meet... mind you, the goats don't live inside (well, except that one winter when they were just babies and I kept them in the master bathroom for a few days until I could set up a heated area in my garage.) My newest goal however, is to be on a Design Team.

5.  I enjoy a close relationship with my mother (I am her only child... although I do have two half brothers who I love and adore).  She lives a few miles away from me and we make a point to talk on the phone everyday (sometimes several times a day actually) and/or visit each other.   My newest goal however, is to be on a Design Team.

6.  I am blessed to have a large, close-knit circle of friends (9 other couples to be exact)... we all met when we were much younger and members of the Jaycees... five years ago, my best gal pal and I developed a "Supper Club" with these other couples, you can see our website here. We meet once a month to share dinner, drinks and lots of fun!  It is a wonderful group and I recommend starting your own Supper Club too.. you won't be sorry you did! Seven of our supper club couples are also all taking Ballroom dancing classes together.... what a hoot!  I also bowl with a few of these same women from my group on Monday nights and belong to the local Moose with a number of these same friends. My newest goal however, is to be on a Design Team.

7. Finally, I am a paper lover. Although I began scrapbooking  more than a decade ago... I stopped for a while because I did not have a dedicated scrapping area and it was just a hassle to haul everything out and put everything away again when I wanted to use the dining table for my family to eat on... however, since this past September (2009) I have a dedicated scrapping and paper crafting area and now I am back in full swing...only this time, I have also developed an interest in cardmaking, mini albums and just paper crafts in general... Since fall, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money getting all the supplies I think I need to do just about anything paper crafting you could dream up... in fact, I've bought so much stuff...that I haven't even had time to use it all yet... but I will eventually! My dream is to eventually be so dang crafty that someone decides they just have to have me on their design team... I bet that was hard to for the really fun part, I get to pass this award on to the fifteen other beautiful blogs and wow, there are so many fantastic blogs to choose from... it wasn't as easy a task as one might think it is!

Bridget at
Mother-Daughter team Heidi and Adriel at
Bryan at
Cheri at
Magoo at
Christina at
Jamielyn at
Albert at
Brenda at
Summer at
Krysten at
Kerry at
Stephanie at
Cheryl at
Giselle at

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen! I will be contacting you soon. The rules are that you need to give thanks and link to the person who sent you this award; list seven things about yourself and pass it on to 15 bloggers and/or followers.  Have fun!


9 Scrappy Comments:

Jamielyn said...

wow thank you! That is so kind of you! That just made my day! I'm glad you have enjoyed my blog. That is so fun you do a supper group, we used to do one similar to that until we moved. I really want to start it up again! Thanks again- I'll be posting later in the week when we get back in town.

Brenda said...

awww thank you sooo much I will try and get it posted this week....

stephanie howell said...

oh my gosh, you are SUCH an interesting person! loved reading about you. and i laughed out loud at the "cougar" part. hee! thanks for the award! xo

Olive Juice Studio said...

Golly Gee, Beth - I'm blushing!!! You make me sound like such a cool person! LOL! Thank you for such kind words - you're so awesome!!!!

Hope you have a fabulous week! :)


KristinaH said...

Okay, you are just too funny! I really enjoyed reading this post. We participate in a Supper Club too, and I agree, it's a ton of fun!


Olive Juice Studio said...

Olive crafts, Olive your blog, Olive nice people, Olive...shall I continue?! LOL! Must be a full moon today because I am just full of spunk today! :) I'm so happy that you enjoyed the award! It was exciting for me too! Guess what? You deserve it just as much as anyone else! Your work is beautiful and different AND that's what I like about it!

Giselle said...

Oh Beth thank you so much, it is an honor for me!!!
(Shhh... Im really hoping you get into a design team soon, lol best of luck)

Cher~ said...

Beth, thank you so much. I am truly honored. I have a little story for you - I hope you enjoy it.

And I'm confident you'll be on a design team...SOON.

Two Happy Stampers said...

Thanks so much for the award! =)

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