Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365 - Day Seventeen

My significant other did not understand why I would choose this particular picture for my POTD in our Project 365 scrapbook.  Perhaps he figures that we have enough living subjects that there is no need for me to take photos of objects.  I told him that I love the photo.  I love the colors (Brown?, he questioned)... yes brown, but also that it was so plain and quiet.  The birdhouse that Cory so lovingly built for me stands unoccupied and alone right now... waiting for spring... that's kinda how I'm feeling about now!  Winter is not my favorite time of year and once the holidays pass much of my weather thoughts have to do with how soon spring arrives... This photo mirrors those thoughts for me I guess.  The birdhouse stands quiet waiting for spring... just as I am. 

Now, I do believe I will start working on some spring cards to make me feel better about waiting for spring.  We have a White Elephant gift exchange at the end of the month with 9 other couples who make up our Supper Club (check the link out for more information on forming your own).  And I think this year, I will actually make one nice gift as one of the two we'll take to the party!

Off I go.


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