Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Thirteen - Project 365.... Party Animal

My daughters had a party last weekend in our family/game room which is right next to my craft room. So for several days, every time I went into my craft room I saw three liters of pop that were left over from the party sitting on my daughter's computer desk.  Today when I let the dogs out into the yard to play, I decided to put the pop outside as well. Then I went back inside and started a load of laundry. When I returned to my craft room and looked out the window that overlooks our patio/yard, I saw Marley (one of our four dogs), on the patio having herself a nice long drink of lemonade. 

Naturally I had to run out with my camera and get this photo for the day.  The little Party Animal didn't even bother to stop drinking when I came out to snap the photo! :-)  I guess the other three don't like lemonade as they were busy doing doggie things elsewhere in the yard. By the way, the Sprite bottle was already empty...the dogs were using that as a toy.

1 Scrappy Comments:

~BridgetL~ said...

how funny, i hope marley doesn't get sick.

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