Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the beginning...

there was a Blog and Project 365.

In all the New Years that God has given me to walk on this earth, I can't remember a single one of them that started with a New Year's resolution that I actually kept past oh, January 3rd or 4th anyway... this blog might not be an exception to that. Never the less, today I start not one, but two New Year's resolves... Yes, I do know that I am kind of getting ahead of myself, after all it is December 31...Not January 1... but why wait until tomorrow, what I can easily start today!?

My reasons for these resolves is two-fold. The first is that I possess a love of writing,...thus, a Blog. The second is that I possess a love of paper crafting, stamping and using my new Cricut & Gypsy...thus, a Blog about paper crafting, scrapbooking, card making and well, all my escapades as I "Run with Scraps".

This year my first resolution is to create something new every day. It only seems natural that I should therefore start my very own Project 365 and while doing so incorporate my second resolution to write a blog that documents my progress as I learn more about card making, scrapbooking and using the hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of paper crafting equipment and supplies that I have accumulated (most of it over the past several months I might add.)

After researching other websites and blogs I am anxious to get started on Project 365. For those of you who don't know what Project 365 is... the concept is this: take a picture a day, scrapbook it, and journal each day. The scrapbook is done by weeks, 7 pictures, 7 journaling blocks per double layout or some variation of that depending on how you personally choose to organize your project. There are several kits out there that will be available soon to purchase (I have NO IDEA why they don't have them ready to sell right now!) Still, the thought of completing a project such as this for myself as well as my family makes my heart leap! Today I am dedicating a portion of the day to organizing how I will keep track of my photos and journaling until I can purchase one of those great Project 365 kits that I will buy as soon as someone has them for sale! My two favorites (I'll probably buy the one that is available first) include one by Becky Higgins called Project Life and Simple Stories by Memory Works has a Life Documented kit that I think is actually my favorite. I also found a great blog by Patter Cross in which she shares her idea about how to make your own kit!

I was also thinking...although I am fortunate enough to not have any of my children living very far away from me, how this is a great project for those families who do have kids away at college or perhaps bravely serving our country overseas. Imagine how wonderful it would be to present their loved one with an album of life while they were away... a loving way to make them feel as if they didn't miss a thing!

I know that I am joining literally thousands of people in this quest to document life in photographs and scrapbooks for a full year and I hope that you join me this year as I blog and scrapbook my way through 2010! Happy New Year and... create something new every day!

2 Scrappy Comments:

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to be a subject in this project =) This will be fun for you and I wish you luck!!

Caitlin Jane

Anonymous said...

This sounds fun, scrapbooking is my addiction.Robin

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